Amy, Paul, and Aubrey flew in on Tuesday, May 31.  Paul had to fly back to Texas the very next day but came back on Monday, June 13.  They...

These past few weeks have been CRAZY for us!!

  Amy, Paul, and Aubrey flew in on Tuesday, May 31.  Paul had to fly back to Texas the very next day but came back on Monday, June 13.  They all left Monday morning to fly back home.  We are so happy that they came and that they were able to spend a lot of time with Mom and Dad.

The visit itself was pretty stressful.  My days are so messed up so I will try to get this all straight.  When Mom and Dad came home from the hospital stay in Birmingham we had to wait almost two weeks before we were able to get him in with an oncologist.  The appointment was made for Tuesday, June 14.  We didn't really get any answers after that visit but we knew dad would need to have a needle biopsy done on the spot on the liver as well as a PET scan to check for "hot spots" of cancer. 

The PET scan was done on Friday at UAB and Mom and Dad came home on Friday night and then drove back on Sunday afternoon.  Dad had to be admitted to the hospital and had the needle biopsy on Monday.  They were able to get three samples off the mass to have tested.  Since the results are going to take a few days, they came home yesterday afternoon and will go back next Tuesday to meet with the oncologist to get the results and discuss options. 

Just a few days of Amy and Aubrey coming, Aubrey developed a horrible cough.  We took her to Madison's pediatrician and she ended up having the croup.  Since they were staying with us, we are all very nervous.  As soon as Aubrey started to get better, Madison started showing similar signs.  I took her to the pediatrician on Monday.  Just a little cold for Madison ends up turning in to something horrible.  Madison was at the pediatrician's office every day last week except for Tuesday. 

The poor child could not stop coughing and had a ton of mucus.  Her breathing was getting labored.  She was having to get three xophenex treatments through the nebulizer 20 minutes apart to even make a difference with her cough.  She received a rocephin shot on Thursday and had a chest x-ray done as well.  The chest x-ray showed negative for pneumonia.  We called B'ham and talked to her pulmonary doctor to see what he thought.  We increased her steroids and extended them for another 5 days and put her on an antibiotics.  She also got 2 more rocephin shots.  One on Friday and on Saturday.  She is finally starting to feel better.   Yesterday was the first day she let out the laugh that I had come to miss so much.  I knew then we were on the road to recovery. 

It has been a rough few weeks for us but I am so thankful for all the prayers that have been lifted up for our family during this time.  We have surely felt the presence of the Lord.  This was the first time when Madison was sick that I was not a nervous wreck and sick to my stomach.  I know that the good Lord is watching over us and he has everything in control. 

I am sorry that I have not updated the blog in several weeks.  I will try to get more regular now that we are able to get back in a routine.  As soon as we know something on dad I will post that as well. 

While Amy was visiting she was doing her quiet time and came across this verse that was very fitting to our situation with dad. 
~Psalm 112:7
"He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord."

For those of you who personally know my dad, you know how much of a Godly man he is.  His faith has been so strong during this time.  You also know how emotional our family is and what weepers we are!  As Mom and Dad were getting ready to leave on Sunday we were all crying.  (surprising I know)  Dad immediately told us that we are not putting all our trust in to the Lord and we are letting fear overcome us.  He is right.  We as a family have laid all our fears at the Lord's feet and take such peace in knowing that.

I couldn't end this blog without a video of Madison.  Amy taught her to do this and we got it on video.  It is really short but oh so sweet!!