Madison is battling yet another cold/ear infection/possible allergies.  We were at the doctor on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  Wednesda...

Once again, things are CRAZY in the Riley house!

  Madison is battling yet another cold/ear infection/possible allergies.  We were at the doctor on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. 

Wednesday night Madison started getting congested and first thing Thursday morning I called the pediatrician.  After she examined her, she said that Madison had an ear infection that we are treating with oral antibiotics and ear drops.  The ear is looking much better but Madison still has a lot of congestion and a horrible cough. 

Friday we started doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and Madison started a nose spray to help with the congestion.  Friday and all weekend she was running a fever.  I called our Pulmonary doctor on Saturday and talked with him about what all we needed to do.  We just stuck with the initial plan and tried to give it time to work.  Monday she was getting worse so back to the doctor we go.  We called Birmingham on Monday while at the pediatrician's office.  Our pulmonary doctor didn't get the message until after 5:00. 

Madison took a long nap on Monday afternoon and didn't wake up until 6:15.  Once she was up she was coughing NON STOP.  Finally, the pulmonary doctor called and he was able to hear Madison have one of her coughing spells.  Since Madison had coughed so much she threw up.  This is the second time she has ever done this and it scares us to death!  We could tell though that once she got all the mucus out of her she was feeling a little bit better.  The pulmonary doctor wanted us to start her on a high dose of steroids last night and another this morning.  Then the dosage will slowly start going down over the next five days.  Luckily, we always have extra for times like this.  She is already starting to feel some what better.   

It is very unusual for Madison to have a relapse this close together.  If she has another one, we are going to go meet with an allergy doctor to see if that is what we are dealing with. 

Other than that, things have been going good.  We are taking full advantage of this warmer weather and having lots of play dates and getting out as much as possible.  I can't believe we only have 3 months until Madison is in all winter! 

Since we have kept Madison is all winter I have gotten spoiled by her staying so healthy.  Before these past two colds, she hasn't been sick since last September.  I had forgotten how bad they really are on her. 

Dad started his chemo tablet two weeks ago.  He has already lost close to 15 pounds in fluids.  From what the doctors have told us that is a good sign that the chemo is working.  Mom and Dad just went up to Birmingham today and he got a  good report.  They will go back in four weeks to have another PET scan and we just pray that the tumor has shrunk. 

I couldn't end the blog without a few videos of Madison.  I have taken so many that I want to post so I will HAVE to start updating more regularly.  I hope you enjoy them. most of you that know me real well, know that I am borderline OCD when it comes to our house.  I HAVE to clean the house at least once a week from top to bottom.  It also has to be clean before we go to bed each night.  I think I have gotten a little bit better since Madison was born but I am sure Shane would disagree with that.  I do believe that some of my OCD has been passed on to Madison.  She can't stand for drawers, cabinets, or doors to be open.  She feels that it is her duty to close them.  When I am cooking I always leave them open for her.  I think she feels like she is helping me out.  After I cleaned the kitchen the other day I opened up several things in the kitchen and grabbed the video camera.  It is just too cute watching her close them.  She was sick when I recorded this so that is why you can hear her breathing.