I have had very good intentions of posting before now but time has been something I have not been managing well the past few months. Madiso...


I have had very good intentions of posting before now but time has been something I have not been managing well the past few months. Madison went through a very clingy stage right before Dad passed away. Luckily, that has now passed BUT...Madison will NOT stay asleep if she is by herself. I used to update the blog during her nap times but now I find myself taking naps with her everyday which isn't so bad. =)

I am really sorry to the many of you that follow this blog on a regular basis. I am really going to try and get better at this again. I couldn't think of a better day to update the blog than today. It is very hard to believe that TODAY is Aubrey's first birthday. We hate so bad that we can't be in Dallas to celebrate the big day with her, but we are going to have a party for her when they come this summer.

Aubrey Renee Cristina

  The week after Aubrey was born, Mom and Dad went with us to Birmingham. It was also the week after the Tuscaloosa tornadoes. I look back on that trip, and all the other trips that Dad went with us, and cherish all those sweet memories that were made.

  The next week Mom and Dad flew out to Dallas for Dad to meet Aubrey for the first time. This was when Dad started retaining fluid. There are days where all that has happened over this last year seem so long ago and other days where it seems like it was just yesterday.

  Well the Riley family does have some big news to share. We have decided to get Madison a puppy! About 4 months ago Madison started asking about a dog on a regular basis. She only carried books that had dogs in them. I told Shane I thought Madison was trying to tell us that she wanted a dog. Of course, Shane said no way! Of course, Madison and I changed his mind!

After doing a lot of research and being some what picky on what type of dog to get, we decided on a tiny toy poodle. It was very important to me that Madison always be bigger than the dog. Since she is in her walker 95% of the day, I did not want her to feel intimidated by a big dog. I also did not want a dog that sheds. I found a breeder in Augusta, GA and called and talked to her. After we talked I told Shane I wanted the dog to come from one of her liters. I didn't care how long we had to wait. Well, the puppy was born in March and we get to pick it up in two weeks.  The puppy will not get above 4 pounds and is black.  We (Madison and I) are so excited. Madison asks about this dog ALL the time!

We leave on Monday, May 7th to go to Birmingham for Madison's six month check up. This visit will last an entire week. She will be admitted to the Children's Hospital Monday night for a sleep study. Tuesday we see orthopedic and the nutritionist. Wednesday we see genetics, cardiology, and ENT. Thursday we see pulmonary. It is going to be a very busy week. We are going to stay Thursday night and then get up Friday morning and drive to Augusta to get the puppy.

While we are in Birmingham, I will post everyday...I know that's hard to believe! I wanted to post a few pictures and videos. If you are my friend on face book then you have already seen these. Thanks for following with all the latest on Madison. Please keep her in your prayers as the Birmingham trip approaches.

Madison giving Mommy the "serious" look.

I can't remember if I have posted this on the blog yet or not.  I recorded this in January and she still does this every day!  She has us wrapped!

Madison was trying to tell us something last week and we could not figure out what she was trying to tell us.  This conversation that I got on video lasted almost 2 hours!